2020-01-07 Board Meeting


  • New meeting time
  • Spring social date preferences
  • Travel grant apps
  • Teacher training logistics
  • Other workshops websites and tasks


Board members: Eve Bohnett (chair), Brian Stucky (secretary), Vratika Chaudhary, Minghao Gong

Guests: None

New meeting time

  • Eve has the informatics room booked for the semester on every other Tuesday at 2:30.
  • We’ll have the next meeting in a week (January 14), then biweekly after that.

Spring social(s)

  • The informatics room is booked for January 29 from 11:30-1:30 for our spring social.
  • Eve created a draft poster to announce the social. She is going to make a few changes and then share with the rest of the board for printing and posting.
  • We will have a short slideshow running in the background during the social. Depending on attendance, we could also deliver a short presentation from the slides. Eve will set up a Google Slides presentation that we can all work on collaboratively.
  • At the next board meeting, we should discuss doing a social at EPI.

Spring Instructor Workshop

  • The February date is out. It took too long to hear back from Carpentries about instructor availability, and now there is too little time to organize the workshop.
  • We will target early March, assuming we can get a timely response about instructor availability.

Spring workshops

  • Eve is setting up a Google sheet to start organizing the workshops and decide who is doing what. She will circulate among the board.
  • Once we have organizers assigned, we can set the workshop dates.

Travel grants

  • Carla and Vratika are working on organizing the spring travel grants.

Next board meeting

  • Tuesday, January 14, 2:30 PM
  • Eve will be chair, Brian will be secretary.