2019-12-10 Board Meeting


  • Last meetings minute approval
  • REC workshops
  • Travel awards
  • Fee Reduction Survey
  • Spring workshops
  • Spring social event
  • UFII director meeting


Board members: Brian Stucky, Eve Bohnett, Vratika Chaudhary, Carla Mavian (chair), Minghao Gong (secretory)

Last Meeting Minutes

  • Approved

REC workshops

  • Jenicca will have updates on it. The current attendees don’t have any information about it.

Travel awards

  • Early January as the notification time?
  • Still need to address:
    • If a meeting occur after the applications; Can we do that?

Fee reduction survey

  • Distribution of last workshop in Roman, Google form.
  • Create questions related to financial concerns.

Sign up for workshop

  • Alethea if possible to do Dosy registration
  • remind anything he know we should be able to do something on that
  • Put questions in there so that can bring up

Spring workshops

  • Instructor training? Still no ideas until the training is ready. Waiting for the information about the workshops
  • Start another workshop after training session?

UFII director meeting; Machine learning

  • If machine learning doesn’t work, some other ordinary workshops can replace it:
    • the 2nd genomic workshop is ready.
    • Geospatial is another easy route to go.
  • We may leave the challenges of machine learning into the Summer

Spring social event

  • Before instructor training? But still don’t know the time for instructor training.
  • End of January, beginning of February will be safe.
  • Usually there will be no presentation; pizza events and talking
    • Highlighting workshops in the presentation.
    • Poster showcase.
    • Guest speakers.
  • Booking rooms when the time settled down.
  • May be a secondary event: EPI, Communicore, data carpentry
  • 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Next board meeting

  • the beginning of the first week of 2020. The exact time to be scheduled.

Officer positions

  • Carla Mavian: Chair
  • Minghao Gong: secretary