2019-10-29 Board Meeting


  • Introduction of new member
  • Last meetings minute approval
  • Updates about the November workshops
    • Intro to data analysis and version control
    • Genomics
  • Instructor meeting
  • Dealing with priority registration as far as IFAS is concerned


Board members: Jenicca Poongavanan (secretary), Vratika Chaudhary (chair), Brian Stucky, Eve Bohnett, Elise Morrison Guest: Taylor, Dimitri Bourikov

Last meeting minutes

  • Approved

November Workshop

  • Introduction to R workshop
    • 7 people registered so far.
    • No emails from the Grad school so far.
    • Send emails regarding the workshops to the different department we can have access to.
    • Instructor meeting this Thursday, time TBA through email.
    • Coverage per time block/curriculum
  • Genomics Workshop
    • There is a website ready to be send out.
    • Send it to Alethea, she will send out to the necessary list servs.
    • Around 3 to 4 signed up so far
    • 3 instructor so far. No helpers signed up yet.
    • Alethea taking care of food etc
    • Gathering info on registration fees. Taylor will change and accomodate the survey link data carpentry has already set up.

Workshop - survey

  • Creating a survey that can be recycled to different workshop
  • One of the workshop asks about what is preventing you from attending the workshop. Fees is something that came up.

The Social - Spring

  • The intention is to try find a low pressure environment to meet up with people and talk about Data Carpentry. An informal encouter to whom we can get to be.
  • The announcement should be clear. The announcement was not sent to a big population.
  • Gaurav is the person to be contacted for the Data Carpentry Social Media platform.
  • Next Social - beginning of spring semester

Instructor meeting - (Pre-Thursday)

  • Survey response - Fees is too high. They would apply for a fee waiver.
  • We should maybe allow a certian amount of fee waiver in the future.
  • Do we decrease the fees? We will wait to hear back from the survey after the November Workshops.