2019-10-21 Board Meeting


  • Financial State Review by Geraldine
  • Status on oncoming workshops
    • Ecology (November)
    • Genomics (November)
    • Spring 2020
  • Social Sciences
  • Blog posts


Board members: Brian Stucky, Elise Morrison, Eve Bohnett, Vratika Chaudhary (chair), Jenicca Poongavanan (secretary), Hao Ye; Guests: Alethea Lynn Gieger

Last Meeting Minutes

  • Approved

Intro do data analysis workshop

  • we have the website up and mostly finished.
  • Have a registration form set up.
  • Website - there’s currently a placeholder for the registration link - we first are going to email the donors the registration link before it gets put on the website.
  • Sponsors to email this week: WEC, Libraries, UFII, IFAS, UFBI, Museum
    • How do we want to “invite” IFAS to priority registration?
    • Likely will focus on the REC program for IFAS, give priority registration to other donors
  • We can then send the list to IFAS and other donors.
  • Next week we would send out the general assignment.
  • We need an instructor meeting to confirm the curriculum. The week before the workshop (likely Thurs/Friday Oct 31 or Nov. 1st).
  • We need to make sure of the schedule - when one lessons starts and ends.

Genomics workshop

  • A general wait list - google sheets. Has specification about what workshop they’re waitlisted for, use this to know who to contact for which workshop. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P_DpY6tSnkCNwNyUUn8OL0f5NmJPW-876WpbafmXnmc/edit?pli=1#gid=0
  • There might be a genomics waitlist - TBC
    • currently only one person on the waitlist for the genomics workshop


  • How we handle the waitlist. The idea was that the participants should keep an eye on the announcements.
  • See above re: general waitlist link

Certificates and instructors

  • We do not provide any certificates to the instructors.
    • Everytime we organise a workshop, we need to keep tract of the instructors because we have an eligibility criteria. They should have taught, help or attended a minimum of two workshops. Those criteria can be found on UF carpentries wiki : https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/website

Financial State Review

  • ResBaz lunches: board had approved one lunch (up to $500), SharpSpring already covered one (reconciled), registration contributed to costs as well
  • Geraldine is writing up more detailed information on how certain processes are organised over the year. We have a gold membership from the Carpentries.
  • We have an agreement with the Carpentries: link
  • Instructors are offered an allowance.
  • We have a seat on the carpentries Member Council, we have not been very active so far.
  • We don’t organize workshops at other institutions, we usually direct them to speak with Carpentries directly
  • We have a list of funders. IFAS is our biggest funder.
  • We have a couple of certified instructors at the other RECs.
  • This year because the IFAS funding is new, we would suggest to provide a bigger allowance to instructors.
  • Meeting with the dean and the new board members - Is the funding coming in annually?
  • Spring - we need to talk to people about funding. The financial year ends July 1st.
  • We get some money from workshops as well with a slight ‘profit’ generally.
  • We also have powerpoint presentations, where we put the logos of our funders.
  • We have ~$5500 for travel awards and REC workshops. We also can expect more travel award from Dr Michailidis.
  • For regular travel awards (2 at $500 each), we should announce soon, so people can plan travel
  • Any payments that need to be made for the carpentries goes through Alethea. We need to present her with the receipt.

Other items:

  • For next agenda:
    • Spring social: try for early to mid spring semester for social, before March instructor training
    • Instructor workshop planning (tentatively March)
  • When announcing upcoming workshops, add both workshops on one email announcement: Vratika will send out donor announcement, Brian will send out museum announcement,
    • Geraldine will check with the letter that we sent to them: she checked, we didn’t make a commitment to priority registration
    • If we haven’t made a committment to it, we will announce normally
    • They will raise it with their meeting with the Dean
      • Is it a benefit that they want to receive?
      • If so, how would they like to go about it?
        • Best option, get them an IFAS focused workshop in the spring
  • How to organise an instructor workshop is listed on Wiki.
  • Meeting next week - Oct 29th at 3:45pm. Then every other week after

Officer positions

  • Vratika: Chair
  • Jenicca: secretary