2019-10-08 Board Meeting


  • Meeting schedule for the rest of the semester.
  • Board positions (chair, secretary, etc.).
  • Workshop updates
    • Fall R Carpentries workshop. Curriculum discussion
    • Genomics workshop
    • Spring ML workshop, meeting with Dr. Michailidis
  • Travel awards update
  • More official “carpentries” presence at UF.


Board members: Brian Stucky (chair), Elise Morrison (secretary), Eve Bohnett, Minghao Gong, Vratika Chaudhary, Jenicca Poongavanan; Guests: Dan Maxwell, Taylor Paisie

Meeting schedule

Tuesdays at 3:45 PM actually work for everyone, so we’ll continue with that.

Meeting minutes

Conditionally approved; will review and raise an issue if anything is incorrect.

Genomics workshop update

  • Workshop title: “Intro to genomics”.
  • Standard registration fee ($45).
  • Update Taylor Paise when the registration page is active, and when the website is up

Logins, etc.

  • New board members are able to access GitHub, Google drive, Etc

Board positions

  • Rotate through board positions, every 2 meetings, switch roles for Chair, Secretary
  • Is everyone ok with continuing this method?
  • On the wiki, there is great documentation:
    • Secretary:
    • https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/Coordination/wiki/(Secretary)-Taking-Board-Meeting-Minutes
    • Chair:
    • https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/Coordination/wiki/Chair-responsibilities-and-guidelines
  • Treasurer doesn’t rotate, responsibilities are also on the wiki:
    • https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/Coordination/wiki/(Treasurer)-Tracking-the-Budget
    • Invite Geraldine to give an overview of the Treasurer role; Oct. 22nd meeting
    • Eve volunteered to help with treasurer role

Status on upcoming workshop

  • Intro to R workshop
  • Which modules do we want to add? Software vs. Data Carpentry
  • First day: intro to R
  • Do we want to include SQL? Depending on the audience, SQL might be useful (Health sciences would find it useful) Lesson might be too short
  • What is our target audience? New Graduate Students
  • Second day: do we want to include version control (1/2 day)
  • Data carpentry has an excel lesson: 1.5 hours, do we want to include this?
    • Data quality control lesson (20 min)
  • Excel, R lesson, Unix Shell (really shortened; no bash scripting), Git/GitHub
  • Title: Intro to Data Analysis with R and Version Control
  • If board members are not certified instructors, they could still teach as long as we have one certified instructor present

Machine learning Workshop

  • Meeting with Dr Michailidis; he is willing to offer more funding towards travel grants.
  • Workshop in spring withh be python based, which would need an intro to python or people should have a basic skill with python
  • In the spring, we could host an intro to python workshop (Software Carpentry)

Spring workshops

  • Dan Maxwell recommends working closer with Health Sciences, people there could use intro to R
  • Who can we contact to send out announcements?
  • Future agenda item: how to reach out to Health Sciences? Dan will act as contact to help reach out

Travel awards updates

  • Short proposals, evaluated, $500 for travel generally
  • Additional funding from UFII could be available for additional travel awards
  • Dr Michailidis would like to incentivize more people running workshops
  • In the follow up meeting: find out what exactly he wants from this
  • Special awards might be more than $500
  • Dan has biodiversity and precision health grant as well

Officer positions for next meeting

  • Vratika: Chair
  • Jenicca: secretary