2019-09-25 Board Meeting


  • Introductions
  • Approve last week’s minutes
  • Approve new board
  • Elections debrief
  • Hand over documents
  • UF Ally Skills Network request for money for snacks (Oct 14 workshop)
  • ResBaz debrief
    • Start planning the Social Sciences workshop for Spring 2020 (I’ve invited Prof. Kroff and a few others to join us based on suggestions from Sasha)
  • Status on upcoming workshops: Ecology (October), Genomics (Fall)
  • Blog posts



Outgoing Board Members: Hao Ye, Geraldine Klarenberg, Gaurav Vaidya

Continuing Board Members: Brian Stucky, Elise Morrison

Incoming Board Members: Minghao Gong, Carla Mavian, Vratika Chaudhary, Jenicca Poongavanan

Non-board Members: Alethea Geiger (support staff), Edith Kaan (Linguistics), Eleonora Rossi (Linguistics), Taylor Paisie (EPI), Jorge Valdés Kroff (linguistics), Caroline Storer (FL Museum)

Meeting will be recorded this time

Meeting minutes approved


  • 34 ballots in, had 8 people run for the board, designate 7 board members
  • For the future: had two people eligible for “outreach” board member slot
  • New board: does a specific policy need to be enacted for future policies re: outreach board member?
  • Outreach board member: one member should be an outreach member to coordinate workshops outside of campus (usually at UF RECs)
    • this board member often joins via zoom
    • Jennica will be at the Ft. Lauderdale office
  • Current board approves new board
  • Feedback on elections:
    • coffee hour socials
    • meet and greets in other venues
    • but workshops hard to coordinate food/logistics are much easier at UFII (thanks Alethea and Flora!)
    • could increase diversity of groups
    • Geraldine will send out stats soon re: attendance for workshops
    • Send out board meeting announcments to other listserves

Handover documents to new board

  • Github organization
    • New board members: give Hao your github username
    • WEBSITE: important for updating website, particularly secretary minutes
    • COORDINATION WIKI: very useful for organizing workshops, board responsibilities
      • also has issues, where agenda is listed
    • board doesn’t need to organize every workshop themselves; reach out to community members
  • Slack (new admins can be added; Gaurav will add new board members who want to help manage)
  • Twitter (new admins can be added; Gaurav will add new board members who want to help manage)
  • Facebook (new admins can be added; Gaurav will add new board members who want to help manage)
  • UF Informatics Teaching listserve
  • Google Drive Folder:
    • slides for workshops
    • budgets
    • spreadsheets
  • Google group: just for emails
  • Get to know Alethea and Flora

  • For the handover, have old board members come and help lead/explain for the first few meetings
    • add fundraising/sponsorship to the “Treasurer” meeting

UF Ally Skills Workshop

  • requesting funding for snacks
  • NERDI, Biology, UFII
  • Requesting $25 total

UF Research Bazaar

  • Not as much attendance as we would have liked
  • People registered but not attended
  • Cap was in place because of the reception
  • $10 for 3 days, might do a higher price for lunch
  • Registration should be improved

Spring workshops

  • Carpentries has a social sciences curriculum
  • Gaurav reached out to Sasha (previous instructor)
  • Dr. Kroff, Dr. Kaan
    • Interested in seeing the curriculum
    • Alethea/Flora coordinate food/logistics
    • Main need would be initial outreach
    • Board could recruit instructors
    • What are the computational skills that their skills need?
      • Data managing, formatting
      • all use R, tidyverse
      • repeated measures human data
      • summarizing, data trimming, visualization
      • diversity of data; brain images, electrical signals, etc.
      • students have a large interest in having a workshop
  • https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/Coordination/wiki/Organizing-a-Workshop
  • https://datacarpentry.org/lessons/#social-science-curriculum
  • Organize after instructor training to recruit new instructors
  • Could take whatever’s useful from Carpentries lessons, mix and match material/bring in the data that they want to use
  • Carpentries curriculum is under creative commons license

Fall Workshops

R workshop

  • ResBaz planning took a lot of time, did not leave Elise/Brian enough time to schedule this workshop for October
  • rescheduling for early/mid November
  • Elise and Brian will coordinate with Vratika to organize this

Genomics workshop

  • Taylor and Carla needs access to the waiting list
  • Data analysis and visualization: is this curriculum up and running?
  • Would like to run the workshop at UFII (room is already reserved)

Instructor Training

  • Global carpentries instrutors need to know when we’re planning to conduct the instructor training, so they find the instructors
  • One instructor training per year (spring)

Board meeting schedule

  • every other week Tuesdays (Oct. 8th) 3:45pm
  • send out availability poll before the meeting (Brian)
  • on agenda next meeting: scheduling board meetings
  • Elise/Brian will be chair/secretary