UF Carpentries Board Meeting, June 11, 2019


Chair: Hao

Secretary: Joe

Board Members: Hao, Joe, Gaurav, Simona, Brian

Non-board Members: Caroline, Alethea


  • Approve previous meeting’s minutes
    • Approved
  • Update on logo and approval status
    • The new logo has been approved!
  • Update on IFAS funding
    • Alethea has placed IFAS funding into a PO towards membership renewal
  • Define target sponsors for membership renewal
    • Elise has contacted Biology Department,
    • Simona and Hao will contact Wildlife Ecology Department,
    • Someone will need to contact EPI (Geraldine)
    • Brian and Gaurav will contact FLNHM
  • Update on ResBaz planning
    • We gathered preferences from ResBaz Gainesville Planning Meetings
  • Revamp Code of Conduct
    • Hao has looked at other Codes of Conduct
  • Preliminary workshop schedule for Fall 2019
    • Hao would like our REC commitment codified on the website
    • Caroline asked if anyone from the RECs had taken this last instructors’ training
      • Brian and Simona said not yet.
      • Two labs at the South Florida REC are committed to getting their students more involved in the Carpentries Club
  • Summer workshops
    • Hao has sent out email to Informatics Teaching Listserv about summer workshops
  • Update on USDA/UF machine learning workshop
    • Brian attended meeting along with Gaurav, Dmitri, and Adam Rivers that focused on concepts and the scikit-learn
    • One room reserved in Reitz Union
    • August 27th and 28th
    • Classic Fare will be the caterer
  • Action Items for 6/25/19 Meeting