2019-04-16 Board Meeting


  • Chair: Joe
  • Secretary: Gaurav
  • Board Members: Hao, Simona, Elise, Geraldine, Brian
  • Non-board Members: Taylor Paisie, Alethea Geiger


  1. Approve last meeting’s minutes
  2. Instructor training debrief
  3. EPI workshop debrief
  4. @elisemorrison logo design
  5. @josephaandreoli draft announcement and metrics on travel award applicant pool
  6. TREC Workshop
  7. Biodiversity Research Workshop
  8. Needs-based scholarship for workshop fees
  9. Next meeting on April 30


  1. Approve last meeting’s minutes
    • Approved
  2. Instructor training debrief
    • Fewer people signed up than usual – we let in everybody who applied.
      • Half to 2/3rd of the interest from last year
      • Maybe it didn’t get to as many lists as it usually goes out on
        • Did we try the graduate student list? The postdoc list?
      • May also be confusion with the group code and retrieving the information from the Carpentries
        • However, nobody’s contacted us and said that they registered but didn’t hear from us, so we probably we didn’t lose too many people that way.
        • Taylor reports that people in her lab were really confused, but she was able to help them fill it in.
        • We need to have the language exactly match what they need to fill in on the website.
        • Because of privacy restrictions, if you don’t enter EXACTLY the correct code, they can’t tell us who signed up.
        • They need a system where they can distribute a custom URL for each website, so nobody has to actually type it in.
      • Maybe it’s the time of the semester?
        • April or later is a problem, because people are preparing for finals. Should have been earlier in the semester.
    • Forgot to book breakout rooms
      • Always book the conference room, maybe some of the other classrooms as well
      • Would have been an issue if we’d been at capacity
    • More examples of live coding would have been nice
      • They don’t seem to have shown the videos from Carpentries Workshops
    • Lots of people hadn’t attended a Carpentries workshop before
      • Are we missing an advertising base – are we sending an e-mail to prior attendees?
      • Maybe point workshop attendees to Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye for upcoming workshops/instructor training
    • Feedback from workshop
      • Stickies were taken away by Francois; Hao will bug him to let us have a copy
    • They filled out a post-event survey – we should try to get those results as well
  3. EPI workshop debrief
    • They were full (in less than two days!) and had a pretty large waitlist
      • Should do this again in fall – there seems to be a LOT of interest in this
    • HiperGator introduction was very off-topic, too much information and very advanced for where the students were
      • Could be done by a Carpentries instructor
      • But it was useful to have someone from HiperGator who could reset passwords and suchlike
    • Do not switch the lessons around
      • Recommend that instructors start by teaching the shell, then moving onto the cloud-based stuff
      • In this lesson, they tried doing the cloud-based stuff first, which confused people
    • Table/chair organization
      • Tables/chairs originally set up in a U-shape, which wasn’t great. On day 2, they moved them into rows, which was much better.
  4. @elisemorrison logo design
    • We’ll have something to review probably before the next board meeting
    • Elise has 50-75 general Carpentries stickers in her office if anybody needs them
  5. @josephaandreoli draft announcement and metrics on travel award applicant pool
    • Joe has been working on processing our list of people who qualify for our travel award
    • We’re good with combining helpers and instructors when deciding “2+ contributors”, and Hao has updated the website to reflect this.
    • Joe will look into what the list looks like with teachers who have taught two or more times rather than more than two times.
    • We can give awards to people who are no longer still at UF
    • We decided to do 2x500$ awards
    • We should anonymize it before reviewing them, with someone who is uninvolved in judging handling this process #TODO
      • Could this be handled by the google forms framework?
      • Also, on travel award page, fix “conference” with “travel”
      • Filed as an issue as website#34.
  6. TREC Workshop
    • 24 people registered for now
    • Glitch: some people registered without paying their fee!
      • Some of these may end up canceling rather than paying the fee
    • Instructors: Simona + labmates, also: Zach will show off a small (~15m) lesson on how to take the right plot for your data
      • So funds planned to travel from Gainesville can now be used from something else
  7. UFBI/IFAS Symposium Workshop
    • We’re good with instructors and helpers
    • Website has been set up; Flora has activated the registration link
    • Ready to send out announcement to prospective students (cap is 24)
    • How and if do we want to handle waitlist/priority registration?
      • UFBI is paying for the entire workshop, so registration is free and they get first notification
      • Since it’s not a Carpentries event, it would be odd to count it as a priority workshop to our other sponsors
      • Since the symposium is open for everybody, we should have the same spirit for this symposium
    • Syllabus:
      • We don’t expect them to know anything about geospatial data, but they should know something about R
  8. Needs-based scholarship for workshop fees
    • How to fund students who can’t afford a workshop?
    • Particularly valuable for instructor training
    • Might be a good use of club funds
      • You could think of it as paying for it out of the profits we make on each workshop
    • Sponsors might be interested in helping us fund a separate pot of money for this purpose
    • Maybe Carpentries have come across this before and have come up with a solution?
    • Filed as an issue as Coordination#95
  9. Next meeting on April 30
    • Hao will be the next chair
    • Elise can be backup secretary if Gaurav can’t make it