2019-02-19 Board Meeting

UF Carpentries Board Meeting, Feb. 19, 2019


Chair: Elise Secretary: Joe Board Members: Hao Ye, Gaurav Vaidya, Simona Picardi, Brian Stucky, Geraldine Klarenberg Non-board members: Plato Smith


  • Approve previous minutes (https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/website/blob/master/_minutes/Board-2019-02-05.md)
    • Previous minutes approved
  • Approve/discuss scoring criteria for instructor training applications
    • Geraldine, Brian, and Elise are using general application from Carpentries
    • Predicted participation (5 pts), previous participation (2 pts), underrepresented departments/entities in the club (3 pts). Final rubric out this Friday. Essay portion will be used in the event of a tie. Board will vote on final rubric for approval
    • Geraldine collecting data for departments/entity participation at UF at our workshops
    • Simona raises suggestion of asking registrants to pick department from dropdown menu as part of pre-registration
  • Discuss Instructor training incentive for funding organizations
    • Priority seats for instructor training are incentive to funding organizations
  • Updates from Hao’s meeting with Alethea
    • Viewing access to UFII / UFBI calendars, contact Alethea to view Google Calendars for the rooms
    • Increase in catering fees, don’t know exact numbers yet Registration fees will need to be increased to cover this
    • DOCE (conference registration system) can support free and discounted rates (need names and emails to check eligibility)
    • DOCE does not support waitlist - Alethea/Flora/workshop organizer get emails and we manage waitlist names ourselves
    • Use Alethea/Flora to help keep track of commitments to financial sponsors (cc Alethea and Flora on emails)
    • Elise recommends we ask Alethea and Flora to handle priority registration for funding organizations, and clarify their roles
    • Alethea and Flora will be invited to our next board meeting (top of agenda). Or Gaurav suggests starting next board meeting at 3:30 PM
  • Update from Feb 11-12th workshop
    • Loaner laptop for future workshops for people who don’t have admin rights to the laptop they bring. Organizers need to know what to do in the event participants can’t download an R package
      • Geraldine suggests those participants could team up with their deskmate
      • Brian suggests we have a loaner laptop available
      • Hao would like to ask other Carpentries boards what they do in this situation
    • Two no-shows, one/two people didn’t go to second day. One or two late arrivals
    • Comments are digitized from the per session notecards
    • Issue with helpers not arriving to the shift they signed up for
    • Geraldine recommends one instructor or workshop organizer reaches out to helpers to get everyone on board
    • Hao budgeted at least 2 helpers per section (not including instructors sitting in and himself)
    • Brian wants to clarify to helpers to arrive when they sign up at the beginning of the session. This is the time where helpers are most needed (setting up laptops and starting new material)
    • Board agrees to asking helpers to arrive at 8:30
  • Workshop Sign-in Sheets
    • What do Flora and Alethea need re: possible auditing for food expenses?
    • Can we redact addresses and phone numbers?
    • Does the registration form accept chosen names? Can we use that for sign-ins to give to Flora and Alethea?
      • This will be discussed with them at the next board meeting
  • STICKERS for future workshops 🦄
    • Logo for UF Carpentries Club has been in issues in the past.
      • Contact Kristina for progress on this front?
      • Gaurav will contact a friend who could design the logo.
      • Sticker Mule?
  • Workshop wait list/early registration
    • Hao has issue up on github: https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/Coordination/issues/86
  • Budget to present to IFAS
    • Simona has a draft on Slack with four tentative items
      • Travel from Gainesville for our instructors to teach at REC
        • For two instructors
        • For four instructors
      • Travel for two REC students to attend a workshop at UF
      • Contribution towards workshop expenses
      • Contribution towards Carpentries membership dues
    • Clarify with Dean IFAS contribution vs contribution of departments within IFAS
    • Clarify what percent of UF affiliated participants at an REC workshop
  • Update LICENSE docs for website
    • Pull request in, Hao made changes based on Gaurav’s suggestions: https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/website/pull/30
  • Invite Taylor Paisie / Carla Mavian to discuss planning for April 11-12 EPI workshop at the March 5, 2019 meeting.
    • What should Taylor and Carla bring to meeting? A curiculum and HPC.
    • Instructors and helpers for this workshop?


  • Elise will email Taylor and Carla (their suggestions for instructors and helpers)
  • Simona will not make it to the March 5, 2019.