2018-12-11 Board Meeting

Action items


Board members: Hao, Brian, Joe, Gaurav, Kristina (remote) Non-board members: Matt


  • introductions
  • approve last week’s minutes
  • vote on charter amendment to handle election ties
  • status of website updates
  • status of slack creation
  • status of instructor training
  • status of next semester workshops
    • fix date for February workshop
  • status of off-site workshops program
  • selection of new secretary
  • other issues on coordination github
    • repo organization
    • waitlist management and sponsoring departments


  • Confirm that April is a possibility for instructor training with Maneesha (Kristina)
  • Get a date and room settled with Flora for regular spring workshop (Brian)
  • Set up a time to meet with IFAS contact (Simona & Geraldine)
  • Meet with DSI president to coordinate activities (Joe)

Last week’s minutes

  • Approved; most saw the PR for that

Election ties amendment

  • Initially couldn’t vote for this because only five board members were present
  • Geraldine sent an email to confirm a yes vote
  • Rest of attendees (Hao, Brian, Joe, Gaurav, Kristina) also voted yes
  • See this PR for amendment language

Website updates

  • The website tabs have been consolidated


  • Everyone has been invited (except Matt)
  • Keep announcing board meetings and elections on email
  • All other discussion should be on Slack or GH issues

Instructor training

  • Maneesha is in touch with instructors, but likely won’t confirm date until early January
  • She asked to extend possible date range to April, which Kristina will confirm is acceptable

Instructor trainer training

  • This is a remote training to become a trainer of Carpentries instructors
  • Starts in January
  • Applications are due Dec 12
  • See more here

Next semester workshops

  • There’s a lot more traffic on campus Monday and Wednesday according to the recent traffic assessment, so Thursday and Friday might be better
  • Brian will contact Flora to reserve the Informatics room for Feb 7-8
  • Geraldine is having meeting next week about EPI workshop with Taylor
  • Simona was not present for off-site workshop discussion
  • Simona and Geraldine will contact Jeanna M about setting up a Zoom meeting to get travel support for instructors for off-site workshops; hoping to get IFAS on board early; see GH issue

Next meeting

  • Will be Jan 8
  • Brian offered to take over secretary position from Kristina for Jan 8 and 22 meetings
  • Gaurav offered to do chair position after Hao’s run is over, would be for Jan 22 and Feb 5

GH organization

Waitlist management

  • Currently Matt has a Google doc where he retains people who contact him about workshops that are full. He doesn’t tell people there’s a waitlist until they contact him. If they don’t sign up for the next workshop, he removes them from the list.
  • Departments have given us money, they’re supposed to have some number of spots
  • Open up registration to those departments early
  • What to do if that takes up all the spots for a workshop
  • Email that we have six slots, then get departments to fill them
  • Get names, either use first six or use lottery, send registration link to each of them
  • Need to keep track of who registers
  • Workshop organizer does this
  • Brian will draw a flow chart or diagram of this process

Library internship

  • Wait until Dan contacts


  • Matt has talked to Geraldine about budget, pretty solid
  • Started to talk about club membership with Carpentries organization
  • Will put budget into club repo, hopefully automate some of it in a script (is currently in Google spreadsheets)

Other org coordination

  • Joe with meet with new DSI president about coordinating with them
  • Maybe not necessary to coordinate with any groups? Each group is fulfilling some demands of the campus