2018-11-27 Board Meeting

Action items

  • Condense tabs on website (Hao & Gaurav)
  • Write travel awards blog and send to Hao & Gaurav (Joe)
  • Get in touch with Taylor about genomics workshop (Geraldine)
  • Get in touch with The Carpentries about dates and trainer for Instructor Training (Kristina)
  • Decide between Data and Software Carpentry R materials for spring workshop (everyone)
  • Get a date for the R workshop scheduled with Flora (Brian)
  • Write up the decision about ties as a proposed charter amendment (Gaurav)
  • Create Slack channel (Simona)


Board members: Brian, Elise, Joe, Geraldine, Gaurav (remote), Hao (remote), Simona (remote), Kristina (remote)


  • Introductions
  • Approve last week’s minutes
  • Next semester workshops - preferably set dates
  • Decide on how to deal with election ties [I will send a poll Monday morning]
  • Treasurer and Communications position
  • Set up a Slack
  • Miscellaneous
  • Next meeting


Last week’s minutes

  • Were approved

Travel awards

  • Joe in process of getting info from award recipients
  • Make a very simple blog post with this info
  • Will go up on website once the tabs have been changed
  • Likely will not discuss travel awards until January, when we have update of club’s financial status

Next semester workshops

  • Instructor training
  • Genomics workshop, will it happen at EPI?
  • Regular workshop on R
  • Social sciences workshop as potential for fall semester
  • Off-campus TREC workshop (organized by Simona & Zach Brym) will be end of March-ish

Board election ties

  • Poll:
    • Most votes went to let all ties on board
    • Second was ranked choice voting only using ranks if necessary
  • Agreeing to propose amendment to do let all ties on using 9 people maximum as cut-off
  • If exceed 9 total with all ties, let the board who has to deal with that deal with it
  • We will need to vote on this proposal to change the charter

New positions

  • Treasurer
    • Information from Matt here
    • Geraldine will do the position
    • Person in this position is exempt from secretary and chair roles for the duration
  • Communications
    • Kristina was chosen unanimously
    • She will have to define the role
    • Gaurav is willing to take over if necessary at some point

Slack account

  • We all agreed on using a Slack account
  • Will primarily be for the board
  • Could potentially include instructors, maybe allow entire UF community later on
  • Need invitation to be added
  • All board members will be admins

Meeting schedule

  • Next meeting is Dec 11
  • Following meeting won’t be until Jan 8
  • Hao will be chair for those two meetings
  • Kristina is secretary for next meeting, will have to choose next secretary then