2018-10-30 Board Meeting


Board members: Brian, Joe, Gauruv, Geraldine, Elise, Simona (remote), Kristina (remote) Other attendees: Matt (data manager in Simona’s lab), Falcon (Dept. of Spanish/Portuguese studies at UF), Eduardo (Forestry, UF), Taylor (EPI)


  • Introduce any new participants
  • Report/discussion of R geospatial workshop (will likely defer most/all of this to the following meeting)
  • Update on travel awards
  • Potential workshop at FIU
  • Off-site workshop program
  • Plan for board positions (chair, secretary, etc.), including documentation
  • Elections procedure: how to deal with (or prevent) ties
  • Assign chair position



October 23-24 geospatial workshop report

  • (tabled)

Update on travel awards

  • Travel award applications independently scored by Joe, Brian, Gauruv
  • Scoring rubric is a shared Google doc
  • Had 3 applicants, could award 2
  • One recipient had to decline award, discussed options for how to proceed
  • Board in agreement to offer award to the next best-scored application
  • In the rubric, will update to include a rule for how to proceed if someone declines the award
  • Gauruv will edit and upload the rubric to the wiki site

Potential FIU workshop

  • Simona is in contact with someone who want to have a workshop at FIU
  • Simona’s organizing workshop in Homestead, FIU could possibly send people to this workshop
  • We need to get more details about their level of support, if they’re interested in attending the Homestead workshop, how many people they will send
  • Simona will open a GitHub issue to discuss this

Off-site workshop program

  • Board is interested in promoting a routine off-site workshop program for Research and Education Centers (REC)
  • One rotation at each REC, at least one a year
  • Could make it an official UF carpentries sponsored programs
  • Give people at RECs enough of a chance to take one while they’re at the station, also extend to agencies, professionals
  • Interest in more advanced workshops as well

Board positions

  • Which positions do we need to have? How will we assign people to these positions? How often do positions switch?
  • Official positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Discussion of also including a Communications position to be responsible for Twitter, email, website updates, which should also be a year-long position
  • Discussion that treasurer should be a year-long role, can excuse his/herself from rotating through other roles
  • Chair and secretary are logistical positions, easy to make a checklist and hand it off to the next person
  • Chair and secretary rotate every two meeting cycles, but will be staggered, only one position will switch per meeting
  • GitHub issues will be created for the Treasurer and Communications positions
  • Brian will ask Matt for documentation of the treasurer position

Non-agenda item: EPI genomics workshop

  • Taylor brought up that EPI is interested in a workshop relating to genomics/phylogenetics
  • Lessons are made by the carpentries, so we can’t add in phylogenetics lessons, but if people want to add in material, we can work it in
  • If they don’t care that it’s called a carpentry workshop, then there is more leeway, but it could work as a carpentry workshop
  • Taylor will go over genomics lesson, and will come up with suggestions of ways to modify the lesson
  • Should discuss more thoroughly in another meeting

Non-agenda item: Slack group

  • Kristina wants to create a slack group for carpentries board
  • If we want it to work, everyone on the board should commit to it
  • Could keep github as the public forum, but use slack as a private forum
  • something for everyone to consider for next meeting
  • add to agenda next meeting

Voting Ties for Elections

  • (tabled)

Action items

  • Gauruv will edit and upload the travel award rubric to the wiki site
  • Simona will open a GitHub issue to discuss FIU workshop
  • Follow up with EPI genomics workshop
  • GitHub issues will be created for the Treasurer and Communications positions
  • Brian will ask Matt for documentation of the treasurer position
  • Add slack group to next meeting agenda
  • Geraldine will be chair next meeting, Elise will be secretary
  • Next meeting: 11/13/18 from 3:45-4:45pm