2018-10-09 Board Meeting


Brian, Hao, Joe, Gauruv, Geraldine, Ben Toh, Elise, Justin Miller, David Jennings (remote), Caroline Storer (remote), Simona (remote)


  • introductions
  • meeting schedule
  • upcoming geospatial workshop (October 23-24)
  • debrief on October 4 workshop
  • travel awards
  • onboarding docs for new board members, organizing workshops (schedule)



Meeting Schedule

  • every other Tuesday, 3:45 - 4:45 pm

October 23-24 geospatial workshop

  • registration links settled
  • rooms reserved, website set up
  • first full run-through of new geospatial materials for the Carpentries
  • Matt has sent Justin (host of the workshop) a waitlist
  • how to coordinate the timing of announcements to waitlist and full grad emailing
    • not sure how Matt has done the timing in the past (how long between announcements)
    • plan is to send registration link to waitlist tomorrow (Wednesday, October 10), general announcement for next Monday (October 15)
  • dates confirmed for Tuesday/Wednesday (October 23-24), some confusion about this previously
  • quick pre-survey of attendees to check for experience with R and geospatial data, to see whether introductory lessons are necessary
  • request to finalize who is going to teach what (make sure to go over materials first)

Debrief on October 4 1-day workshop

  • ran out of time on exercises, too much materials
  • feedback was positive
  • any general procedure for reviewing feedback

Travel Awards

  • Joe, Brian, Gauruv are deciding on applications
  • 3 applications received (can fund 2 of them, all domestic travel)
  • create a rubric for grading applications, and publish on the website
  • decisions need to be fast (stated decision for tomorrow)
  • decided on a rubric for the group

Board Positions

  • deciding which positions we need:
    • chair to facilitate meetings
    • secretary to take minutes
    • treasurer (point of contact for Fiona and Alethea)
  • what is the duration of these positions?
  • treasurer position might be better as a per-term (per-semester), work with Matt to document procedures
  • documenting the responsibilities of the position
  • other roles
    • workshop coordinator (handle feedback, create schedule, etc.)
    • communications (twitter account, website)
    • membership (coordinating funding to pay for Carpentries membership)

Voting Ties for Elections

  • (tabled)

action items

  • travel awards decision
  • Hao will chair next meeting, Joe and Elise will take minutes
  • Hao will write up instructions for minutes