2018-09-25 Board Meeting


Matt, Brian, Justin, Hao, Simona (remote), Kristina (remote), Joe Andreoli, Punam Amratia and Nitya Singh (remote), Geraldine (remote), Adam Rivers (remote)


  • election process debrief
  • finalizing the board
  • October workshop logistics
  • other Fall events


Election Process debrief

  • low turnout
  • website issues
  • original email got sent twice
  • Dan Maxwell had the wrong email address
  • why not google forms? Unless you log in, can vote multiple times
  • look into alternative options
  • check email list for next time

Finalizing the board

  • tie during the election
  • agree that Joe and Gauruv can both serve
  • new board can formalize procedures to handle ties in the future
  • membership in the club is not defined, but anyone can add themselves to the mailing list
  • Brian, Elise, Gauruv, Geraldine, Hao, Joe, Kristina, Simona (announcement)

October 4 (1-day) workshop

  • is full (without yet email to grad list)
  • 7 folks coming as a result of idigbio summit
  • (from Nitya) have not done the workshop before, more comfortable as a helper

October 23-24 workshop (geospatial)

  • several folks have gone through onboarding
  • Justin will reach out to instructors to decide who’s teaching what
  • figure out which components should be taught - questionnaire for the attendees to identify background and skills
  • teach all the lessons initially, and then get responses from attendees on what was useful and what was redundant - help us plan for future workshops
  • check on dates (some confusion over whether it is 22-23 or 23-24) - when do we have the room booked for?

Anything else for the semester

  • Justin, Ben, and Shawn are planning an R bootcamp
  • October 20 is Hacktoberfest event (OSC, Hackathoners, DSI)

More workshops at RECs / general outreach and other events

  • Zack Brym is interested in offering a workshop at PREC
  • long-term, plan to have a 1-workshop at a different location per semester (try to get more involvement from local communities, might start on annual basis)
  • a majority of the attendees for the Fort Lauderdale workshop were not UF, but from other institutions
  • how do we do workshops at other institutions - we bring some of the enthusiasm and instructors, and other places provide experienced instructors and logistics - possible way to address resources needs
  • possible for USDA and USGS cooperation, especially for instructor training
  • Carpentries organization is interested in smaller meetings (than carpentry con) every other year - Justin expressed interest in hosting

Travel Awards

  • get the call out this week (2x $500 awards)
  • review applications at next meeting

other items

  • onboarding document for new board members (Matt and Justin)
  • discussion over board roles