2018-08-14 Board Meeting


Simona (remote), Kristina (remote), Matt, Plato, Punam, Joe Andreoli, Brian, Maio, Matt Gitzendanner, Justin


  • Update on membership fund raising
  • Confirm logistics for upcoming workshops
  • HiPerGator overview during workshop
  • ResBaz speaker schedule
  • Financial support for out-of-town ResBaz speakers
  • R-ladies funding


Membership Renewal Funding

Membership funding is complete, Matt will be completed the PO with Alethea by the end of the month

ResBaz planning

  • Instructors for R and Python workshops are set
  • Grad list-serv was NOT advertised, Punam had submitted but was never circulated
  • Justin will add info (times, info, speakers) to the website
    • Add link to the homepage
  • All breaks and lunches are set (11:30 for R, 12:30 for Python)
  • Lunch for Friday is unresolved, Simona will follow-up with Flora
  • Brian will introduce Python sessions, Punam for R
  • Justin will set up time table and locations for mini-tutorial
  • Hiper-Gator intro (5 min) right after lunch on Thursday sessions (Simona)
  • Simona will send out info to WEC list-serv, Justin will send on R list-serv, Justin/Punam will send on SFRC/EPI, Maio on the museum, Joe on Geography, Justin will try GRAD again
  • Parking for Kari, Matt will get parking pass
  • Simona will figure out remote connect program, Hao will coordinate
  • Update website with mini-tutorial info (Justin)

    Funding for R ladies

  • SFRC gave a projector, so no funding needed


Election announcement next week, nomination open for three-four week (think of people to nominate).