2018-06-26 Board Meeting


Simona (remote), Kristina (remote), Matt, Justin, Brian, Hao


  • Membership renewal
  • Research bazaar in August


Membership renewal

  • Waiting on last comments on the Google Doc for email draft (Simona, others? still have to provide comments)
  • Discussed target departments (on top of the Libraries and iDigBio who have already been contacted). Identified the following (see below for action items):
    • WEC
    • Museum of Natural History
    • Biology
    • IFAS
  • Receiving support from 2 new sources would be enough for this year

Research bazaar

  • Hao will organize.
  • We will be offering workshops (2?) and inviting speakers for panels.
  • Organization meeting involving other groups to be held in the week of July 9th (Matt will send out email to coordinate).
  • The event will take place in mid-late August sometimes right before classes start.

Next Meeting

  • Back to our original schedule, next meeting will be on Tue July 17th

Action Items

  • Contact department chairs:
    • WEC, Eric Hellgren (Hao)
    • Museum, Doug Jones (Matt)
    • IFAS, Elaine Turner (Justin)
    • Biology (Brian will talk to Rob to find out who to contact)
  • Provide comments on the Google Doc for email draft