2018-06-05 Board Meeting


Simona (remote), Kristina (remote), Geraldine (remote), Punam, Justin, Miao, Dan Maxwell, Brian, Hao


Carpentry Con Update (from Justin)

  • In many places, one champion for carpentries activities (Matt v 1.0), often not part of that person’s job; in some cases, an organizer has half-time support
  • Justin will upload notes to the website
  • We (UF Carpentry Club) does not have a twitter presence, is this worthwhile to pursue?
    • Kristina is offering to spearhead this (#FOMO)
  • Hacky Hour (more social-oriented community-of-practice style events)
  • Research Bazaar (multi-day event, more buffet-style than focused workshops)
    • We can scale this to our capacity and feasible timelines
    • professional development would help draw people in and be useful
    • UFDSI might be interested (possible cross-collab between groups at UF)
    • François might have non-UF contacts to help
    • Melissa (new hire in Health Sciences Library) has helped put on a similar event for training, reproducibility
  • What can we do for August?
    • start small
    • maybe just a panel discussion
    • bring people from different backgrounds for (random) encounters / mixers
  • Access and Allyship was a big component of the Con (1st keynote - maybe online?)
    • how to run effective meetings
  • Carpentry Champions program (still in the works)
  • Carpentries Community Cookbook has a listing of community activities (https://cookbook.carpentries.org/)
  • Mozilla is transferring Study Group (Mozilla Science Lab is closed) to the Carpentries org.
  • Local Carpentry Con like events are encouraged
    • possible funding sources: Mozilla, AWS, Moore foundation

June 25-26 Workshop

  • 10 signups so far (from waitlist, EPI list, informatics-training list)
    • no announcement yet to the gradlist - waiting for admin to circulate
    • Alethea will also help circulate to other colleges
  • inquiry about group discount (no, but let’s think about this as an incentive for departments to provide funding)
  • Make sure helpers have scheduled times (so that they don’t show up all at once, but there are sufficient folks around)
    • Added columns to the signup sheet
  • Renewal Funding
  • still working out the details
  • can begin by approaching institutes that might have more dedicated budgets for support
  • Dan might have a funding mechanism for grad students ($15/hr, 10-15 hr/wk)
    • libraries are probably out, for Carpentries renewal funding, but could work to support other activities that the Board decides are important (e.g. community-building)
  • bring Pam, George, Dan, Ethan together for a meeting??
    • Matt might already have contacted these folks
  • the sell could include a lot more than just renewal funding
  • visibility to departments is going to be important for asking money

Action Items

  1. where are we are now with existing sponsors?
  2. need a template of messaging when asking for funding?

Summer scheduling

  • keep it the same (fortnightly, Tuesdays at 3pm)