2018-03-15 Board Meeting


Matthew Collins, Justin Millar, Kristina Riemer, Hao Ye, Miao Sun, Punam Amratia, Simona Picardi


  1. Public facing web page
  2. Bug BBQ
  3. Upcoming workshops logistics
  4. CarpentryCon
  5. Criteria for travel grants


Public facing web page

We agreed on creating a website as a venue to gather info on upcoming workshops and other useful links. The website is meant to target the public through a more user-friendly interface than GitHub. GitHub will still be the primary platform for use by board members and instructors. Justin proposed using jekyll to create website from same markdown as GitHub, so that the web page gets automatically updated with changes made on GitHub and matching is ensured. Assignees: Justin and Hao. See Ticket #10.


Social Sciences and Geospatial curricula will be the main focus. The event is a good chance for us to reach out with Social Sciences and Geography Depts. We will reach out and organize an in-person meeting with people from those Depts. that are interested. Assignees: Justin and Hao. See Ticket #11.

Upcoming workshops

March 21-22 @ Marston Library is all set. Newly trained instructors are going to help. There are lots of volunteers, so less burden on each but everyone should try to stay for blocks of complete lessons. April 23-24 @ FLREC has 4 instructors signed up. Instructors can take turns and serve as helpers while they are not teaching. In this case, participation for the entire duration of the workshop is expected.


We missed the early registration deadline, but there is still a chance to send a representative for UF Carpentries and iDigBio. Funds are available to support travel. See item below.

Criteria for travel grants

Travel grants will be assigned through an application process. Decisions still have to be made about 1) what to fund (i.e., only activities that are Carpentries-related, or personal reward to people involved to use for other travel?) and 2) criteria to be used to evaluate applications. Assignees: Matthew and Kristina. See ticket #9

Other Items

  • We discussed the relationships between the UF Carpentries Club and other groups at UF doing similar and seemingly overlapping activities (R gators, UF R users, DSI). While we recognize the confusion that this might generate from an external perspective, the groups differ widely in their motivations and practices and reconciliation would not necessarily be possible or meaningful.

  • We acknowledged the need to discuss and agree upon instructor training selection criteria to use next time. Criteria should be used homogeneously by people evaluating applications and clearly stated beforehand so the applicants know what they are being evaluated on.

Action Items

  1. Justin and Hao - get started on setting up the web page
  2. Justin and Hao - reach out to people in Social Sciences and Geography for Bug BBQ
  3. Matthew and Kristina - lead the discussion on assigning travel grants