2018-02-09 Board Meeting


Please remind me if you attended.


  1. Selection of chair, secretary, treasurer roles for this semester
  2. Updates on Carpentries org administration
  3. Dev’s workshop in Feb schedule
  4. Workshop organizer for March DC workshop (may overlap with Dev’s, to discuss)
  5. Advertisement of instructor workshop (and others) - currently 11 applicants
  6. Application criteria for instructor training


Selection of chair etc.

No one had a strong preference. With everyone expected to rotate, random assignment is good enough. If anyone wants a specific role, they can ask for it. MJC want treasurer Mar - May to work on setting up travel grants.

Instructor training ad

Send to ad to more places:

  • R listserve - Justin
  • UF Grad list - Greg Orloff, at grad school, orloff@ufl.edu - MJC
  • UF RC list - Miao

Email the board to be ready to review on the 14th. Close on 14th.

Instructor application criteria

Existing emails and discussion have been good: diversity (in many senses), final preference should be UF folks, Hao’s comments in ticket #3

Dev plant science workshop

We’ve had trouble filling workshops, can Dev fill his with his own people? Need to canvas instructors to see who’s available.

Other Items

  • Several people had heard about Carpentry Con and were interested in going. Do we want to put together a pitch for funding and a group of attendees? IIRC Justin Millar said he may be able to get funds through the R meetup group.
  • Simona wants to pick a date for the FLREC workshop - go ahead and propose and see who’s available
  • Follow up to “see who’s available” - discussed a public spreadsheet or something where people can sign up for instructor slots - Simona will make

Action Items

  1. MJC - Email list about Carpentry Con registration
  2. MJC - Email the teaching-l how to get on the Carpentry clippings summary list so everyone else can keep up with the Carpentries too.
  3. MJC - Random assignment of new board roles for Mar - May.
  4. Simona - Make instructor signup sheet for future workshops
  5. MJC - Follow up with Dev, sit down and do it. Email Alethea about how account transfers can work.